Welcome to Magical Dreams

Welcome to Magical Dreams first blog. We are excited to be taking you with us on this adventure. To begin with, we should give a deeper insight into who we are and what we are up to.
Why did we create this store?
When planning first took place, it didn't take long to realise there was numerous branches to choose from. Tens of thousands of different markets and niches, all with their own unique twists and turns on the tree. 
One branch was special. Too far up to be seen. It was straight, had many growing stems, and sturdy in its place.
Lighting can have an incredible impact on our lives. Without it, the source that drives all life on earth, we wouldn't be here. 
Sunrise and sunset are two spectacular events. Watching the sky shift through fascinating gradients of intense color. Sky blue, Fiery red, Gazing orange, Flowery Violet...
It's a beauty. It's an art. Done right, its a fabulous sight. 
The journey
Ideas sprung early 2021. Action took place later in the year. We anticipated an easy, straightforward path. Little did we know.
Our journey began with a plan. On WordPad. Writing down structures, plans, goals, all the boring. 
Moved onto creating a brand name and logo. Established a legal business. Next came the website. Firstly set a template and theme. Created new pages, learned the essential components of a website, imported a bunch of features, added new products, and we kept on expanding on many elements within the site. 
This is where we currently at! Polishing and improving our current foundation.
Our goals
The current main goal is to professionalise our service. This ranges from quicker shipping times, enhanced customer support, better website optimization... There's a lot...
The journey doesn't stop there. We hope to expand the brand into new territory, opening up new doors of opportunity.
So many cards on the table. 
Investing into other brands, broad out into new niches, purchasing real estate to expand our services.
Thank you for taking your time supporting us and reading our first blog. We value every single visitor that comes along in our journey.
The goal of this blog post was to give an insight into Magical Dreams. I hope we have achieved this!

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